Welcome to Sexiness is Contagious!

SO excited to be launching the sister site to S.I.C. Couture! A little about this site. This has been a goal of mine to launch this blog but wasn't quite sure how I wanted to execute the idea properly. Since S.I.C. is an acronym for Sexiness is Contagious and the motto to my brand it made sense to have this site encompass what S.I.C. means.

If you haven't read What is 'Sexiness is Contagious' in the about section, I'll go ahead and post that here, this explains further:

Sexiness is Contagious® is actually the motto of my clothing line S.I.C. Couture, which started out on a mission for the perfect cocktail dress and unknowingly has expanded to separates just recently. Being it's the motto of the line, it seemed natural to start a blog dedicated to just that, which is — to empower women to feel sexy, whether it's a dress showing off your shoulders or a perfectly tailored blazer paired with your favorite jeans. I believe that your clothes tell your story (and mood) and I am here to tell mine through S.I.C. So even if it's just one piece of clothing you buy from S.I.C.; I want to be apart of your story and would love to see how you wear it! So tag me on instagram, twitter or facebook. Show me how you style your S.I.C. Couture piece.

In addition, this blog will also be a diary of S.I.C. Couture's journey. It will document everything that is happening in this wonderful small business of mine — how the business was nurtured, the design process, business adventures, inspirational travel, inspirational pictures, beauty, delicious food and of course, empowering women.

Hope this gives you an insight of what's to come from this blog. Blogging is foreign to me but I'm ready to share lots of goodness to you all!


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