They Talk A Latte, Episode 1 -3

Hello there! And Happy Friday!! Sooooooooo my bestie and I, Lisa (thefamilyof3) started a youtube channel a few weeks ago and we are 3 episodes in!! I will make sure going forward to have a dedicated blog post for each one every week but for today I will link all three videos.

A little about They Talk a Latte, Lisa and I wanted to record our chats because well, we talk a lottttt and thought it would be a fun conversation starter with many of you out there. We talk about tons of topics from fashion (duh!) to life to fears to upcoming trips to pretty much everything under the sun. We are really excited to see where the conversations will go. So please don’t be shy, comment and start a conversation with us. We want to hear from you!!

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3: